Jumbo Knotted & Teething Rope Bundle For All Dogs

Everlast Pet Toys & Supplies

$8.78 $14.95

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) Jumbo Double Knotted Knobby Teether Bone Rope (1) Knotted Ball Puller Rope (1) Teether Bone Rope (1) Double Knot Chewer

  • TEETHER BONE ROPE: We included 2 different size teether bone ropes. The jumbo double knotted ropes measure approx 12" length by 2" width and are perfect for larger dogs to use after meals to loosen food particles that can cause decay. The 3 strand teether bones are ideal for small to medium size dogs to also help release food particles after meals and promote fresher breath. PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on jumbo teether ropes

  • ROPE PULLERS AND THROWERS: Use the Knotted Ball Pull Ropes to throw for long distance or any other fetch and retrieve games. Test your dogs strength against your own with these rugged pull ropes.

  • ALL AGES ALL SIZES: This bundle is designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. Some dogs like to fetch and retrieve while others like to sit and chew. This bundle contains both play activities. Spend quality playtime with your dog using classic chew & rope toys.

  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Everlast Pet Toy Bundles are the perfect gift for those dog and puppy loving friends and family members. From our pups to yours....Arf!!! Arf!!!

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