Cat Teaser Bell Feather Mouse Play Balls w Decorative Collar

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  • 5 PACK BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) Leopard Pattern Cat Teaser (2) Multi-colored Jumbo Play Bell Balls (1) Blue Long Tailed Bell Feathered Mouse Critter (1) Decorative Collar (colors vary - please see similar listing in our Amazon store with 'Pink' collar especially for girl kitties....)

  • CAT TEASER: Cat teasers are one of the most popular interactive cat toys for pet owners who love to spend quality time with their kittens or adult cats. These cat teasers are equipped with an 18" wand attached to a 30" feathered end teaser.

  • BELL FEATHERED MICE: These fuzzy little critters are equipped with an attached bell on the tail and a feathered end

  • JUMBO BELL BALLS: These multi-colored bell balls will have your cat in the fun zone for hours. Each ball contains a smaller ball with bell inside.

  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Everlast Pet Toy Bundles are the purrrrfect gift for those cat loving friends and family members. From our cats to yours....puurrrrrrrfect!!!!

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