Scratching Pad Longtail Mouse (2) Bell Balls & 10' Sisal Rope

Everlast Pet Toys & Supplies


  • 5 PACK BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) 15"x5" Scratcher Pad (1) Blue Long Tailed Bell Feathered Mouse Critter (1) 10' Sisal Rope (2) Multi-colored Jumbo Play Bell Balls

  • SCRATCHER PAD w CATNIP: When your little buddy just needs to dig those claws into something, don't let it be your furniture!!! These 15"x5" scratching pads are a great way to let your cat claw till their hearts content.

  • JUMBO BELL BALLS: These multi-colored bell balls will have your cat in the fun zone for hours. Each ball contains a smaller ball with bell inside.

  • BELL FEATHERED MICE: These fuzzy little critters are equipped with an attached bell on the tail and a feathered end

  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS: Everlast Pet Toy Bundles are the purrrrfect gift for those cat loving friends and family members. From our cats to yours....puurrrrrrrfect!!!!

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