Plush Doll Squeaker (2)Tennis Balls Figure '8' & Chain Leash

Everlast Pet Toys & Supplies

$5.78 $9.98

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS (5 PK): (1) Plush Doll Squeaker (2) 'Paw' Tennis Balls (1) Figure 8 Puller (1) 3 1/2 FT Chain Leash

  • PLUSH DOLL: These fuzzy soft plush dolls have a squeaker inside to keep your puppy in play mode for hours at a time.

  • TENNIS BALL SET: Tennis balls have always been a popular item for those dogs that love to play catch & retrieve games.

  • ROPE TOYS: Figure 8 pull ropes are great for that two dog family. Watch as your pets play tug-o-war games for hours of playtime fun. These rope toys also make great interactive play toys. Test your dog's strength against your own!!!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on Plush Dolls

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