Pull Ropes Figure '8' Tug-O-War & Dog Park Leash Bundle

Everlast Pet Toys & Supplies

$5.88 $9.95

  • 4 PACK BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) Knotted Ball Pull Rope (1) Multi-colored Knotted Rope (1) Dog Park Leash (1) Figure '8' Tug-O-War Pull Rope

  • ROPE BUNDLES: Rope toys are perfect for dogs who like to constantly pull your furniture apart until its nothing but threads and wood. Chew ropes are a great way to keep your dog away from tearing up the couch. Now they can get that energy out with a chew rope.

  • GET INVOLVED: We included a Figure '8' Tug-O-War and a Knotted Ball Pull Rope so you can get involved in the playtime activities.

  • STRENGTH TEST: Pull ropes are a great way to play tug games with your pet and at the same time test your strength.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on Dog Park Leashes.

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