Poop Scoop w Replacement Bags

Everlast Pet Toys & Supplies


  • Amazon Price: $11.99 Free 2 Day Shipping

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) Scoop w Roll in Handle (1) Bone Shaped Waste Bag Dispenser (1) 3 Pk Replenishment

  • POOPER SCOOPER: We all hate to do it...but ya might as well have the tools to do it quick and easy.

  • REPLENISHMENT: This bundle comes with 5 bags total. 75 Bags Total!!!

  • DISPENSER: Bone Shaped Dispenser comes with leash clip for convenience. Never search for bags again!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on Bone Shaped Dispenser and 3 Pk Replenishment - Leash NOT INCLUDED

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