Leash And Collar Bundle For Medium Size Dogs

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This retractable dog leash & collar bundle is the perfect combination for people who are forced to walk their pet at night or in the early morning hours when visibility is limited.

It can often be dangerous to walk your dog at night but now you can walk in safety with this retractable leash with built in LED light (requires 2 "AA" batteries NOT included).

Paired with a handsome 18" vinyl collar, this bundle is ready for walks to the park or around the block. Everlast Pet Toys - Quality Pet Products At Affordable prices.

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) 15' Retractable Dog Leash w LED light (1) 18" Vinyl Dog Collar

  • RETRACTABLE DOG LEASH w LIGHT: This 15' retractable dog leash is perfect for walking to the park or around the block. It is equipped with a built in LED light to help with visibility in late afternoon and early evening strolls. The push button lever allows you to lock the leash in place and release when desired. Requires 2 "AA" Batteries (not included).

  • DOG COLLAR: This handsome vinyl dog collar is fully adjustable. It has a durable metal buckle. This collar is perfect for dogs up to 50lbs.

  • PROTECTION: This leash and collar bundle is ideal for walking your dog at night. The leash has a round red reflector built in to the side to let drivers know where you are. This leash and collar bundle offers comfort and protection for your dog while walking in early morning or late afternoon to evening hours when visibility is limited.

  • EVERLAST PET TOYS: Everlast Pet Toys make great gift ideas for those pet lovers in your family.

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