Jumbo Rope Toy (2) Small Chew Ropes & Figure '8' Rope

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  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) Jumbo 2' Knotted Rope - Blue (1) Figure 8 Tug Rope (2) Small Multi-color Knot Ropes

  • ALL AGES ALL SIZES: This bundle is designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. Some dogs like to fetch and retrieve while others like to sit and chew. This rope bundle can be used for both play activities.

  • HOURS OF FUN: Spend quality playtime with your dog using these rugged pull rope toys. This pull rope bundle contains 4 pull rope toys total!!!

  • LARGE DOGS: Jumbo ropes are perfect for larger dogs who love to chew, pull, and destroy. This 2' rope is 1" thick and will provide hours of fun for larger dogs.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This is the 'Boy' jumbo rope bundle which contains a 'Blue' jumbo rope. Please visit our storefront and see our 'Girl' jumbo rope bundle which contains a 'Pink' jumbo knotted rope.

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