Flying Disc Figure 8 Pull Rope | Leash w Poop Scoop w Bags

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BUNDLE INGREDIENTS (5 PK): (1) 'Smiley Face' Flying Disc (1) Figure 8 Puller (1) 3.5 FT Chain Leash (1) 'Poop Scoop' w Bags (1) 'Paw' Squeaker Disc

  • FLYING DISC: These full size discs are great for dogs that love to play fetch & retrieve games. Use the 'Paw' squeaker disc with small to medium dogs for indoor play.

  • TUG-O-WAR: Figure 8 pull ropes are perfect as an interactive play either for you and your pet or for your dog and another dog. Use these ropes to test your dogs strength or watch both your dogs play tug-o-war games with this popular item.

  • LEASH & POOP SCOOP w BAGS: This 3 1/2 ft Chain Leash and Poop Scoop w Bags keeps us prepared on our walk to and from the park by obeying leash laws and picking up after our pets.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on 'Smiley Face' Discs, 'Poop' Scoopers w Bags and Chain Leashes

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