Squeaker Steak Flying Disc Chew Ropes & Knotted Ball Puller

Everlast Pet Toys & Supplies

$6.78 $11.98

  • 5 PACK BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) 'Juicy' Steak (1) 'Smiley Face' Disc - Large (1) Knotted Ball Puller Rope (2) Knotted Multi-color Ropes

  • ALL AGES ALL SIZES: This bundle is designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. Some dogs like to fetch and retrieve while others like to sit and chew. This affordable bundle covers all activities for your dog.

  • HOURS OF FUN: Now you can spend hours of quality playtime with your dog using pet chew squeak toys.

  • TRAINING: Fetch and retrieve toys are industry standard tools when training young dogs. Now you can train your dog to do simple tasks with these chew and squeak toys.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on 'Smiley Face' Discs

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