Teething Puppy Solutions | FREE BUNDLE GIVEAWAY - Winner

Teething Puppy Solutions | FREE BUNDLE GIVEAWAY - Winner

                                                                Anyone who has ever cared for a teething baby knows how uncomfortable this process can be. The same is true for a teething puppy (yes, they do lose their teeth, too!). There is a solution for dogs that are teething. Teether ropes and teething bone ropes also promote good dental hygiene by removing unwanted food particles from your dog's teeth after meals that can cause decay. These teething ropes can offer your puppy soothing relief and distract them from the discomfort.

Puppies explore the world through their mouths, so they’ll chew anything they can sink their teeth into (that goes for your shoes, furniture, and more). By providing them alternative to indulge their chewing instinct on, they’ll be more likely to spare your expensive furniture and clothing items.




Charlyn Green of Los Angeles, California.

Dog: Collie

Name: Sadie

FREE BUNDLE: Jumbo Rope Bundle

Congratulations Charlyn!!!

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